Wine, Redwoods and Junk Art in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County

Tembrock's HomeWe were very happy to visit old friends from the days when Colin worked in Cupertino when his family was growing up. The Tembrocks’ children were similar ages and played together. We have many happy memories of staying with them in a cabin at Lake Tahoe and visiting their orchard in the town of Hollister. The Tembrocks now live in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Valley in a beautiful house they built on 10 acres which often houses some of their four children and 8 grandchildren when visiting. Judy has had a very successful career as a portrait and wedding photographer and Joe has planted a vinyard (English spelling) and sells 90% of his grapes to winemaking enthusiasts who come from afar when the Brix (sugar content) is just right for winemaking. Future ChardonnayThe remaining 10% is fermented, aged and bottled by Joe and I can vouch for its excellence, particularly the Petite Syrah.

We shared many stories, found that we still had much in common, and enjoyed meeting two of their grown-up children and three grandchildren. They fed, wined, and toured us around the area. We couldn’t have wished for a better weekend.

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Coastal Redwoods

The California Coastal Redwoods are amazing trees, growing upwards of 350 feet and can live for over 1,800 years, making them some of the oldest living things on earth. Their longevity is helped by the fact that they are fire resistant, can live after their heartwood has been severely damaged. We spent time in the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve with our friends. We camped overnight in the Richardson Grove State Park, near Benbow, and drove ‘The Avenue of the Giants’ parallel with SR101 up towards Eureka. It’s hard to capture the immense scale of these trees but here are a few photos we took.

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Junk Art in Sebastopol

Cheryl has always been a fan of ‘Junk Art’ (definition: three-dimensional art made from discarded material). She was excited to learn from Judy that there was a street in Sebastopol in which every house had Junk Art in their front yard. We walked up and down and met the artist, Patrick Amiot, who supplies a piece with every home purchase and uses the street as his gallery. Some of the pieces are truly brilliant and humorous, the way everyday items are incorporated.

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  • Santa Rosa

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    Santa Rosa, California and Sonoma Valley

  • 5 Comments on “Wine, Redwoods and Junk Art in Sonoma County

    1. La maison de vos amis est juste merveilleuse! Cet artiste, Patrick Amiot (un nom qui sonne français) a un talent fou! J’adore!
      From Cheryl: I’m so glad you enjoyed the art as much as I did. Not only is his name French, he and his wife are French!! The country around that area reminds me of our time with you and Cheesecake. The land is very much like Provence. Grapes everywhere. Tasting rooms every mile it seemed. But no Michèle or Cheesecake. The house is magnificent where all the grandchildren can stay the night at the same time, and they often do.

    2. Love the Junk garden art ! Lots of fun.
      From Cheryl: I’m finding out there are a few of us who like this kind of off-beat art. Glad you are one of us. Well, I sort of knew that, but glad you confirmed! Lotsa hugs to you and Patti.

    3. Junk art my fav too!
      From Cheryl: So glad I have a buddy in this kind of art, it’s so kooky!

    4. A street of junk art: how original! So Sebastapol. Love the pics of the redwoods. What about the smell early in the morning – lingers wonderfully in one’s memory. Did you try the grapes???
      From Cheryl: Yep, we tried the grapes. They were a wine before their time, much too sour at this point in time. So glad you enjoyed the art and redwoods. You are right about the beautiful, lingering fragrance of the woods. Nothing like it. Love and hugs.

    5. Cheryl, I can only imagine how inspired you were by all that very creative sculpture. Should I be saving my cans?
      From Cheryl: Oh my. Inspired yes. But don’t start collecting cans for me. Jesh, there’s so much beautiful art out there, so many very talented people.

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