C&C On Stage in Nashville at the Grand Ole Garage

Colin, On Stage in Nashville

Cheryl & Colin On Stage, in Nashville!

Serendipity. Couldn’t have planned this in a million years. Looking for Bluegrass venues and we found one in the outskirts of Nashville. It calls itself ‘Larry’s Grand Ole Garage’ and was started in 2000 as an ‘Acoustic Only’ Bluegrass location running weekly concerts with a wide international following (we are told) via their live online streaming website. The owner found out Colin was a musician, and invited him to play in the first half of the program. With a little practice in a back room, a guitar and bass accompanied Colin. Then onstage. Great! During the half time intermission, Cheryl said to the owner, “I play flute and Colin and I play duets.” So during the last bit of the program, we both went on stage. “Live, on stage, in Nashville.” OK, it wasn’t the Grand Ole Opry, but it sure was fun.

Movies coming soon as we access a high speed Internet connection!

Below, Colin playing with a 3 piece back up band at Larry’s Grand Ole Garage!

2 Mandolins playing at Larry’s Grand Ole Garage

Blue Ridge Mountain Song

5 Comments on “C&C On Stage in Nashville at the Grand Ole Garage

  1. Bientôt l’Oympia à Paris pour Cheryl et Colin. Bisous
    From Cheryl: Merci, sweet Michèle. We won’t be ready for the concert hall any time soon, but we are enjoying playing! Thank you for your fun comment!

  2. My favorite picture is the one of the two of you together… but the rest of them are amazing! Sounds like you’re having a true adventure and a fabulous time. I look forward to seeing you both when you return, but then I’ll miss this blog!
    From Cheryl
    : Dear Marge, Thank you so much for giving us feedback about the pictures. You know Colin is interested in your opinion, since you both are enjoying the process of this hobby. Looking forward to being back home, which will be Thursday, October 15th. You won’t have to miss the blog for long. We’ll be continuing the adventures pretty soon!

  3. Thanks so much for doing this Blog! It is fantastic. Loved all pics, especially the one of you two and of Colin on stage. Looked for the 2 of you playing your duet, but didn’t see one. Didn’t know you two were musicians. I played clarinet for years, but did mostly tap and ballroom dancing in earlier years! Loved honky tonk part of town too. Keep em coming. Great to share your adventures with you! Thanks for all the memories. You go Colin and Cheryl …
    From Cheryl: We didn’t know you were a musician either! I didn’t appear On Stage with Colin until the end. I wasn’t in the audience to take a picture. But we’ll probably be uploading a slice of the music later on. Thanks for all your lovely comments, Amiee!

  4. That is so cool! Wish I could have been there to see that. Love it when a plan comes together…
    From Cheryl: Ha! What plan! I guess you figured that out though. So glad you are enjoying our stories.

    From Colin: Thanks, Jenny. It was a lot of fun. Cheryl was the instigator of course…

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