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  1. Spectacular images, Colin, especially this sunrise (set?) over the lake. Double wow-zy! Loved the ones of the geese, and the one of your RV camp site looks like it could be used as an ad for the RV company. (Hmm, maybe you can get paid $$, to pay for that wonderful lens!) So glad to get your first blog post and get a sense of what the two of you have been up to. We spent a cold and rainy week-end up around New York finger lakes last week, attending our god-daughter’s college graduation from Geneseo. Too rainy and unpleasant to take any photos.

    • Thanks, Marge, I thought of you when trying to compose the sunset, particularly the rock. My feet were in the water! Send pictures as soon as the weather improves! Sunny and 18C here today (Tobermory), apparently it snowed here a day or two ago.

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