After traveling 22,000 miles, no matter how much we loved each day of our trip, it was fantastic to get home! We walked around each room in amazement, so much living space. Thank you all our blog readers for your lovely comments, it was great to read your reactions to the places we stayed,, Read More

What else is one supposed to do in Kentucky if not sample some Kentucky bourbon and visit some of the worlds most famous thoroughbred horses? We did both. The Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery Named after the area where buffalo used to cross the Kentucky river, the distillery is located West of Lexington Kentucky and has a, Read More

With our minds set on returning home a little earlier than planned (after hearing tales of an early Spring at home), we headed due North towards Huntsville, Alabama, stopping at two State Parks on the way. Chewacla SP looks like a mountain biker’s dream with many miles of bike trails through the woods, alongside, Read More

When I heard we could go to a wolf preserve in Chipley, FL on our way to Alabama, I lost my mind in excitement to take part in this adventure. The non-profit Seacrest Wolf Preserve‘s goal is to create greater awareness of this keystone species and the contributions they make to their natural eco-systems. Funny rules were stated on their, Read More