Home at Last

After traveling 22,000 miles, no matter how much we loved each day of our trip, it was fantastic to get home! We walked around each room in amazement, so much living space. Thank you all our blog readers for your lovely comments, it was great to read your reactions to the places we stayed, and your beautiful comments about Colin’s photos. We’ve included a selection from the 3,000 photos posted, of what we think are the best (see below).

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8 Comments on “Home at Last

  1. Fabulous! Superb photographs. Thank you for keeping in touch in such a creative way. Glad you’re back safely.
    From Cheryl: Thank you for all your sweet comments, I certainly appreciate it, and Colin is so thankful for having you as a friend and as a buddy in photography. It was great seeing you and Marcia last night, we really missed you guys. See you soon.

  2. Glad you made it home safely. There is no place like home. What an adventure. So amazing that you did this. What’s next on the bucket list? Thank you for letting us enjoy this experience with you. Much Love, Dennis
    From Cheryl: Thank you for coming with us on our journey. It’s been such a delightful thing for me to correspond with you during it. We are taking the summer off from RV traveling and doing some projects on the house. Next spring, we will be traveling to Nova Scotia and Canada. Past that we don’t know. There’s still so much of the US and Canada to see. So I think you will be able to come along with us again!

  3. What a trek. MO, KS and CO are next?
    From Cheryl: Thanks for your comments. We were extensively in Colorado a few years ago, before our blog, but certainly worth visiting again. As for MO or KS? Do you have any specific things about those states that you are recommending?

  4. What an incredible accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your experiences and allowing us to be flies on the virtual walls. Welcome home! Love, Gayle
    From Cheryl: It’s so kind of you to welcome us home. What an amazing feeling walking back into our house. But we are starting to think about the next trip!

  5. Well done Mr and Mrs McN – fantastic adventure. Now from this side of the pond, I can see that there is room for an inner circle tour but I suppose you can have a little rest first. You will have to get out on the road again anyway as we will all be missing our weekly fix for photographs from the regions. Some truly great journals – thanks for including me. Regards, Cro
    From Cheryl: Your comments and compliments were greatly appreciated! So sweet of you to write to us. PS Colin told me that he has fond memories of the trips that you and he took going back-and-forth to England. Thank you for coming along on our adventures.

  6. Good morning – and welcome home! I’ll bet you’re enjoying your BIG bed, and BIG bathroom and BIG kitchen!
    From Cheryl: Thank you much for welcoming us home. It is so good to be home and you are right everything appears big. We are thinking that we might go on some short 2 to 3 day trips to the mountains in Maryland and Pennsylvania if it gets too hot and stinky in Annapolis. Are you and Chick home now? Can’t wait to catch up with you guys.

  7. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for allowing us to enjoy it with you. It has given us many ideas of where we want to go and what we want to see. Welcome home!
    From Cheryl: Thank you for welcoming us home, that is so sweet of you. It’s a lot of hard work doing the blog, but we also get so much joy out of having those pictures and words to remember where we’ve been!

  8. Un peu sad que le voyage soit terminé.
    J’ai adoré le partager avec vous.
    It was fabulous, gorgeous, fantastique, super, génial, passionnant, intéressant, enrichissant.

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