Whiskey and Frisky

What else is one supposed to do in Kentucky if not sample some Kentucky bourbon and visit some of the worlds most famous thoroughbred horses? We did both.

The Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery

Named after the area where buffalo used to cross the Kentucky river, the distillery is located West of Lexington Kentucky and has a reputation for producing some of the finest bourbon in the world. Bourbon is a type of whiskey made from corn and gets its unique taste from the charred oak barrels which hold the whiskey during the aging process. Given the 35 degree day and blustering winds, we were thinking about doing some ‘sipping’ before we embarked on the tour but that was not to be. We learned about the history of the distillery, toured original factory buildings and saw the making of whiskey, aging in oak barrels, and packaging of the different ‘proof’ values. We observed employees working on a single barrel batch (most expensive) which was being hand bottled and packaged. At the end of the tour, shots of different bourbons were presented and we were able to belly up to the bar and have a taste. Cheryl went for a sweet blend of bourbon and cream (not a surprise), while Colin went for some samples of the genuine article.

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The Kentucky Horse Park

Man and Horse

We stayed three nights at the campground adjacent to and owned by the Horse Park. The Horse Park itself covers an extensive area consisting of: stables and paddocks where famous horses and breeds are kept and exercised, a very comprehensive ‘Museum of the Horse’, and a number of show rings and arenas where some of the world’s most famous equine events are held. We found the Museum to be of the highest quality, tracing the history of the relationship between man and horse from cave paintings to modern day thoroughbred racing and breeding. We could have spent more time there. The park provides ‘retirement living space’ for some of the most famous thoroughbred racehorses in the US and we were able to get up close to them in the ‘Hall of Champions’ where we also heard about their individual successful racing careers.

‘Western Dreamer’, Pacing Triple Crown Winner

We watched a display of different horse breeds at the ‘Breeding Barn’ and display ring where we had an opportunity to meet the different breeds and talk to their riders. We were able to watch a pair of magnificent Clydesdales being prepared for pulling a visitors’ trolly around the park, as well as learning about the role of horses in policing at the police horse barn. We loved getting to see and touch these beautiful animals. It was a thrill for both of us who were raised in non-agrarian circumstances: Los Angeles (Cheryl) and Whitley Bay (Colin).

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  • Kentucky Horse Park

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    Kentucky Horse Park

  • 3 Comments on “Whiskey and Frisky

    1. What a fun visit you must have had, seeing all those majestic animals. Did they say the what it cost is for those horses? The museum what awesome, I’m ready to ack up and go❤
      From Cheryl: So glad you liked the wolf reserve. It truly was an amazing experience. And you are right, my dog withdrawall is at such a height that I need a dog! It was funny too, because Colin and I thought maybe we would play music for them to see their reaction. But we didn’t.

    2. Loved traveling Kentucky with you. Loved the horses – how magnificent they are. Stay safe and continued fun!!
      From Cheryl: I wish you were with us, I’m sure you would’ve enjoyed the horses too.

    3. Colin semble apprécier ce whisky bourbon. Est-il meilleur que le scottish whisky?
      From Colin: Pas du tout (oeuf Corse)! Colin

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