Chanukah/New Year’s Eve

We headed north toward Dallas, Texas to visit my niece Sami and her husband John in the small town of Grapevine. Sami and John were married this past March in a private ceremony conducted by Sami’s cousin, Rabbi K’vod Wieder. The newlyweds recently moved from La Jolla, CA because of a job opportunity for Sami. We were able to spend the last two nights of Chanukah with them and New Year’s. Sami, John, and their two giant Malamutes, Merlin and Mya seem to be making a lovely home for themselves. Anytime the temperature rises above 70, on goes the air conditioning. This is to keep the pups happy because their winter fur coats make them hot and then it’s hard for them to breathe. So the four humans survived by wearing hoodies and visiting while under thick blankets. My family loved hearing that we were going to stay a few days parked in front of Sami and John’s home, but teased me that they really knew my motives: to be with the dogs. Well, getting my fur fix was deeply satisfied by the 4 days we spent there, but the human contact was truly more important and lovely. I love you Sami and John!

Meet Merlin and Mya

If you’ve had enough of dog photos, move along and read something else on the blog, because mostly, these are pictures of Merlin and Mya. Sami is a very private person and doesn’t want her picture on the Internet so I’ve purposefully left her out of the photos. John, on the other hand, is on Facebook, Instagram, and is my ‘friend’, and posts often, as long as he doesn’t include his lovely bride. Enjoy these delightful gentle giants. Note: Some of the photos came from Sami and John, not all are mine or Colin’s.

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    Grapevine, Texas

  • 6 Comments on “A Family Visit

    1. Awwwww! This is a great post! We are so happy that you came to visit and spend time with the furry family. Love the photos! We hope to see you both again soon! Love you guys!
      From Cheryl: So glad you were happy about the post, even though your lovely face (Sami) was excluded as per your instructions. But it was great fun to be with you two, and your fantastic furry children. Can’t wait to see you again. One never knows what opportunities life will present. I love you both, well actually, all four of you. Love, Aunt Cheryl (and Uncle Colin)

    2. Such beautiful animals! How could you not love them?
      From Cheryl: They were, and I did. Now if only I could have a stable of 10 of them. OK, or a mixture of different breeds would be okay too. Somewhat similar to your menagerie. A home filled with purrs and happy barks.

    3. Dang! I remember when Sami was born. Seems like yesterday, but I guess time has marched on.
      From Cheryl: You are right, you were in my life at that point, 40 years ago!!!! It’s so lovely to have friends from so far back, and I appreciate your ongoing support and love.

    4. Hey Cheryl and Colin, Thank-you for sharing! Lovely pictures of you and the family. You are beautiful as ever. I bet you wanted to steal their dogs! We will talk soon! Sending Love and Hugs!
      From Cheryl: Thanks Bonnie and Harry for those lovely thoughts. Of course all of us wanted to steal Sami and John’s dogs, they are so magnificent, but alas, they really didn’t even fit into the hallway of the van. So much hair, so much dog! But we had such a great time with them. Lots of love to you two, too.

    5. I never get tired of dog pictures. These are beautiful!
      From Cheryl: I never get tired of dogs. Ever. It was such a wonderful thing for me to see and play with these gorgeous creatures for a few days. Glad you agreed.

    6. Of course, this is my favorite post! Merlin and Miya look gorgeous and oh so very happy with all that attention. I had to laugh at the temperature. Since she’s had them – whenever we went to her house, we always made sure to put on coats in advance, even during the summer. Pics are gorgeous!
      From Cheryl: It was so much fun to be with Sami and John, and to get to visit for several days, those gorgeous dogs. So glad we could do that on our trip east. Let’s hope all works out for them and they are happy in the choices they are making. From our prayer to God’s ear.

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