Santa Fe, New Mexico

We both had visited Santa Fe several years ago and enjoyed the town very much so we picked it as our resting spot over the Thanksgiving weekend. This year Colin’s 72nd birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day and so what better celebration than dining at Santa Fe’s best (Asian) Indian Restaurant ‘Raaga’. The food, service, and ambience were great. Santa Fe (meaning “holy faith” in Spanish) was founded by the Spanish colonists in 1610. The architecture of the city tries to honor and keep the adobe style buildings, and does a great job of making a visit authentic. We enjoyed the music in the central square, the line of artists selling their wares, and experiencing the Native art everywhere we went. Delightful.

Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

We visited this museum located in the middle of the town, which is dedicated solely to advancing the scholarship, discourse, and understanding of contemporary Native arts. From Cheryl: I think Colin enjoyed this museum more than I did; my tastes run toward the traditional but I certainly had an appreciation for the thought and effort that went into the pieces.

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International Museum of Folk Art

The Museum of International Folk Art was founded in 1953 by Florence Dibell Bartlett (1881-1954), a wealthy Chicagoan who began visiting New Mexico in the 1920s. Her guiding vision was summed up by her statement “The art of the craftsman is a bond between the peoples of the world.” Like many of her generation who lived through two world wars, Bartlett was seeking a way of bridging differences and creating a sense of fellowship and common bond among cultures.

The museum, located on ‘Museum Hill’ outside of Sante Fe was overwhelming with the amount of displays available from which to see and learn. These pictures are just a sampling of art we thought were unusual or just fun.

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  • Santa Fe

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    Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • 4 Comments on “Santa Fe, New Mexico

    1. Happy Birthday Colin, a few days late! Glad you able to celebrate it and Thanksgiving in beautiful Santa Fe with Asian food. I hope you were able to enjoy the museums and the art without fainting from too much Santa Fe style (wink!)
      From Cheryl: Thank you for the BD wishes for Colin, I know he appreciates them. So glad you remember the poster in our home, definitely we looked just like the cartoon of Santa Fe, overwhelmed by the Turquoise everything. But still a great place.

    2. You completely captured the spirit of Santa Fe in those pics! Great work!
      From Cheryl: Thanks sweet Gayle.

    3. J’adore l’orchestre!
      From Cheryl: We loved the little people in clay, holding instruments of the orchestra. So happy you found them loving too.

    4. Spectacular art! Visited a friend years ago who had an amazing house on top of a nearby hill that our rental car could barely climb. Love that area. On a different note, went to India’s the other night to celebrate my birthday. And I see you did something similar. Happy belated birthday Colin. Saraj sends his best to the both of you. Keep on trucking’.
      From Cheryl: Those views from the top of hills are just incredible. It is so powerful to see what Mother Nature has given us. No matter where you turn, there are gorgeous things to see. So happy to know you were at India’s on your birthday and that you saw Suraj Kumar. Is there any better way to celebrate a birthday and a far-from-home Thanksgiving than Indian food? Happy Belated Birthday to you too Bill.

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