Bend, Oregon

Jerry & Helen Tauber, Bessie & Al Cooper

Jerry & Helen Tauber, Bessie & Al Cooper 1960s

This was our second visit to Bend, Oregon, but on this trip, it was to visit two childhood friends whom I hadn’t been in touch with for over 50 years. The Cooper girls were raised with our family, our fathers and mothers, inseparable. Daily visits, weekends, all holidays, and vacations in Marietta Hot Springs were all part of our history.

Marlene (left), Carol (center)

Marlene Cooper Boynton (left), Carol Cooper Jimenez (center)

Due to some strange events (another story, another time), we lost touch. Thanks to my brother Michael, he found Carol and Marlene on Facebook, and the reconnection was made. Both Cooper girls now live in Bend, Oregon where we visited them. Bend is an amazing place, filled with fun things to do and see. Due to our tour guides, it was even more fun when shown to us by locals. Thanks Carol and Marlene for giving me back a place in my heart that was yearning for your return. I love you both.

birthdayPS. The black & white party picture is from February 1958 Moulin Rouge Restaurant, Hollywood, CA. This was my 6 year old birthday party! (Talk about spoiled.) Left side front to back: Cheryl, brother Philip, Carol Gratz, 5 children back from me, Marlene Cooper. Back row standing: Dad, Mom, Bessie & Al Cooper, toddler: brother Richard with nanny Bertha May West. Right side front to back: Brother Michael, Nancy Gratz, Debbie Newman, and Mike Newman. Memory lapse for names of other children. Carol Cooper not present (Carol: Why are you missing? Couldn’t be seen with a bunch of younger kids, eh??)

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Tumalo Waterfalls from the Cascade Mountains near Bend, Oregon (2 movies)

  • Bend, Oregon

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    Bend, Oregon

  • 3 Comments on “Bend, Oregon

    1. Beautiful pictures, it’s nice to be reminded what a great place Bend is. The picture of our parents seems just like yesterday we saw them dressed like that. So many memories❤️

    2. Thanks for a great journey. Love all the pictures.
      From Cheryl: You are Marlene are the best. I love having you in my life again. As I said in the blog, I feel like my heart is more complete now that you are back in it. My love to you always. Cheryl

    3. OMG! Those pics. Priceless. Moulin Rouge – I thought it was Las Vegas. I forgot about that venue. What a memory trip! How cute are you!
      From Cheryl: Our family certainly knew how to celebrate in style back then! Imagine bringing Bertha with them to look after Richard. But it’s great seeing the neighborhood children, now only if we could fill in all the names.

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