Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Warning: If you don’t like plant or flower pictures, give this post a miss. With permission.

The Butchart Gardens (pronounced Boo-shar) were created in the early 1900s by Jennie Butchart. She wanted to create something beautiful, in particular,  to replace the worked-out limestone quarry which had supplied her husband Robert Pim Butchart’s nearby Portland cement plant. This became the Sunken garden you see in the header photo. The gardens are exquisitely cared for by a massive staff. There isn’t a spent flower or dry leaf anywhere. What makes the gardens so incredibly beautiful, is the size and number of flower displays. In the picture (above), notice the small, itty bitty people at the bottom corners of the picture. Then you get an idea of scale. The Italian gardens use to be a concrete tennis court (concrete, what else when you have unlimited amounts). Now the area is a gorgeous display, as if you were in a  piazza, including a gelato stand. The Japanese garden was more than Zen and we found ourselves relaxing and breathing deeply just by being there. OK, the steep hills and stairs had something to do with the breathing deeply part.  We enjoyed all of it, and remember, we only used a point and shoot camera. I point, Colin shoots (with such great results). The only photos I took were the panoramas.

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  • Butchart Gardens

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    Butchart Gardens, North of Victoria

  • 8 Comments on “Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

    1. Cheryl: une fleur parmi les fleurs.
      From Cheryl: That is because you are a diamond among diamonds.

    2. Cheryl: Wonderful views of Butchart Gardens. Mer went their several years ago with Isabel Conroy our old friend who used to live in SF California and who was the widow of one of the generals I used to work for. She loves most gardens, but this was spectacular. I am sure she will give you her take the next time she opens her computer – which as you know is not often.
      From Cheryl: Thank you George for that great story. I love that Mer has been to Butchart, so we will have to compare notes.

      Colin: The other day when searching on sporting events to watch on TV I ran into a cricket game being played in India. I believe it was for some championship trophy. I watched it for awhile but it seemed to never end, and of course I don’t understand the rules. I plan to check the Internet for an explanation of the rules. I understand you are a big cricket fan. Being English you guys probably brought the game with you to India.
      From Cheryl: Colin gives tutorials for the cost of 2 beers or a glass of wine. You are right that the games seem to never end. As he has said, these games can last days and days! It was the British who brought the game to India. But they are now powerful players in their own right.

    3. Ahhhhh. I want to be there now. it’s magical. Words cannot possibly explain the sheer beauty – so hard to comprehend. I must say, tho, that those pics were pretty, pretty good, as Larry David so descriptively said. I asked Butchart if I could live there and pull weeds. Why didn’t they take me seriously? So glad you went!!!
      From Cheryl: You are so funny. I’m with you about working there, just being able to pick weeds in that environment would be a privilege. Next time, we’ll have to go together. You, me and Maggie, flower girls. Ha!

    4. So, so beautiful, I bet you are completely in heaven. Love you, Mar
      From Cheryl: So glad you were in heaven with me enjoying the incredible sites! Lots of love.

    5. Beautiful photos.
      From Cheryl: Thanks cousin Sharon! Tauber’s miss you!

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