Oregon Coastline in the Mist

On our way to the Pacific North-West, we decided to travel up the coast. The rocky shoreline and expansive beaches were reminiscent of the West Coast of Scotland and we enjoyed the views, even in the mist that followed us most of the way. In addition to the many viewpoints, we stopped at Humbug State Park, Lincoln City and Cannon Beach, all with amazing rock formations. While in Lincoln City, Cheryl met up with a long lost childhood friend, Carol Cooper Jimenez, and two full days of reminiscing raised the social quotient. It had been 50 years since they last saw each other. We were so busy telling stories that we actually forgot to take pictures.

We had fun watching a couple of very well trained Golden Labs chasing a stick into the surf (see movie below). Plus, we found a colony of Murres nesting in the cliffs by Cape Meares which were fascinating fliers. Whale watching at Depoe Bay, South of Lincoln City, was also on our agenda but rough seas and chilling winds put us off so all we saw were a few blowholes and glimpses as whales briefly surfaced before diving again.

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Elks, Jays, and an Art Museum

Just after we crossed into Oregon, we noticed a herd of Elk by the roadside, seemingly trapped between Highway 101 and an RV Park. We spent an hour or so watching the herd dynamics as they decided which way to move. Identifying the lead decision makers and watching as they tested various alternatives was great entertainment. Steller's JayOn our way from Depoe Bay to Lincoln City, Cheryl noticed an extensive display of garden kinetic art (her favorite, see movie below) so we stopped and investigated, finding some interesting work by local artists including some fused glass pieces. Afternoon entertainment at Humbug State Park was watching Steller’s Jays fight over some chips that were left on our picnic table and more that we left on our rug (see movie below).

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  • 5 Comments on “Oregon Coastline

    1. Great pics, love the stories. Love you, M
      From Cheryl: So glad you are enjoying the photos and the stories. We’re beyond happy having you back in Taubers’ lives. Love, Cheryl

    2. Gorgeous pictures – we wait with bated breath to see the interesting pieces of driftwood that Cheryl must have found on NW beaches.
      From Cheryl: Sorry but I’m actually following the law in State and National Parks. Can’t pick up anything! But it’s so much fun to see the different driftwood pieces and I always have Colin there to take pictures for me.

    3. I’ve always wanted to see the Oregon coastline. Now I want to even more! Great descriptions and as always, amazing photography. Hard to pick favorites, but I particularly loved the one of the huge rock formation with the trees in that rainbow-like mist. Just gorgeous! Of course, I loved the dog pics, and the very well behaved dog video. As for elk organizational psychology, I wonder who ended up being the leader of the herd. Taking the time out to watch them: sounds like something I would do! Also loved the fused glass animals…very clever.
      From Cheryl: So happy to hear you appreciating all that we loved too! The alpha lady (not the male with the biggest rack) had the control over 6 babies and at least 5 other mothers. Amazing to watch.

    4. Beautiful pictures. I missed visiting the coast during several trips to Oregon. Kenny was amazed at how well trained the two dogs were in the video. He lacks training which I am too lazy to give him. After years of training my dads bird dogs as a teenager I should be ashamed of myself. Please keep your story coming. Love you guys.
      From Cheryl: So glad you like seeing the coastline, it’s just magnificent. You are not lazy! Anything but. Glad Kenny liked the dogs in the ocean video, that’s so funny, and maybe he was inspired, you never know.

    5. First, Cheryl, you must have been in kinetic art heaven. Can’t believe you found this. Loved those dogs – talk about being a good dog trainer….or just really great dogs! Pics are stunning!
      From Cheryl: Just wanted to say thanks for your sweet message about the blog and pictures from the Oregon Coastline. You are so great to continue to read us and share in our journey. Love, Cheryl (and Colin)

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