California Family

Heading south from the San Francisco Bay Area, we encountered the usual horrible auto traffic, LA Trafficbut eventually made it to Manhattan Beach, where brother Michael and sister-in-law Maggie (M&M) made us very welcome. M&M had just become grandparents for the first time, MichaelBabyso we were naturally anxious to see the new little peanut. (Sorry, parents are anxious about putting the peanut’s face on the Internet, so all you will be seeing are peeks.) Before we knew about the baby, we had planned to be with M&M for Alex’s wedding, their 2nd son, to Jessica Lersch. So here are a few of the pictures from the rehearsal dinner and the wedding venue, in Camarillo, north of LA by an hour or so. Everything was magnificently done. Other than being hotter than !@#%, the ceremony couldn’t have been lovelier. With a degree in music and a background in performance, we shouldn’t have newlywedsbeen surprised (but we were) when Alex brought out a guitar to sing his vows to his Jessica. It was a charming and unforgettable moment. The couple went off to Bali for some honeymooning after literally dancing the night away. Just in case you heard of the fires in Southern California, we weren’t affected other than seeing strange cloud formations.

Who’s Who
*  Phil (Cheryl’s oldest brother) & Gayle: Daughters Sami (husband, John Sayas), Jerra (husband, Paddy Spence)
*  Michael (Cheryl’s middle brother) & Maggie: Sons Josh (wife, Jess Como), Alex (wife, Jessica Lersch), Ben (ladyfriend, Eilse Napier)
* Richard (Cheryl’s youngest brother) & Sharon

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  • Manhattan Beach

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    Manhattan Beach, California staying with brother Michael

  • La Jolla

    Brother Phil and Gayle invited us for a weekend in La Jolla, so we headed further south. While there, Sami and John brought their 2 Giant Malamutes, Merlin and Mya, over to P&G’s house for an impromptu swim party. The pool filter will never be the same! Also that weekend, P&G had organized a music party in our honor, and it was just terrific! Here are some pictures from the visit and a slice of Phil playing his trumpet with pianist Tom Barabas.

    Malamute Gallery

    An Afternoon Concert

    Phil and Tom Barabas

  • La Jolla

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    La Jolla, California staying with brother Phil

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    1. Dear Cheryl and Colin: We continue to enjoy your travels and all the beautiful pictures you have taken along the way. We envy you as some of your visits remind us of of the same sites of many years past. I can remember taking Mer and Isabel Conroy (wife of one of the generals I worked for) down a black diamond hill while skiing on a challenging mountain in Bend. It cost me a very expensive dinner to get back in the good graces of my girls. The views of Chapel Hill have changed very little as when I visited my brother while he attended UNC and played varsity football. What a beautiful campus-almost as beautiful as the University of Virginia where I attended. Your family is beautiful, and although I have meet two of your brothers while visiting you here in Annapolis, it was great seeing most of your family. Thanks again. Please continue to tell your story in such a beautiful and professional way. WE love you guys.
      From Cheryl: We’re so happy you are still enjoying our writing and pictures, it means a lot to us that you are with us. What a fun and scary story you told about the Diamond Hill! Ohy, think of how much trouble you could have gotten into taking the wife of a general on a difficult run and what could have happened. Nothing can take the place or beauty of your university. I’m so glad you got to ‘meet’ my middle brother Michael in the pictures. He has such a great heart and is such a wonderful family man. I love that you can see that. Thanks so much for writing again, George. Love and hugs to you and Mer. We love YOU guys too.

    2. Oh goodie! I hadn’t heard from the two of you for a while, and was missing your blog. This one is wonderful. What a handsome, musically talented family you have. Singing groom and jazz trumpeter brother. Flute playing Cheryl (did you have a chance to play?) Beautiful home in La Jolla, although the pool will never be the same, I imagine.
      From Cheryl: We were so busy with family, that we didn’t have time to write! You are so kind to say you were missing the blog, what a compliment! So glad you liked my talented family, because all of my nephews sing and play instruments, their father Michael, plays amazing drums, trumpet player Phil’s daughter Jerra is a rocker and organizes rock concerts! No, I decided not to play my flute, Colin didn’t play his bagpipes, either. It was Phil’s night, and indeed he was beautiful. You are right that the pool will never be the same after having Malamutes, Gentle Giants, no less, in there.

    3. Lovely family; handsome brothers, beautiful ladies, sweet infant; creative, musical, wedding! Love the family jazz band and painting of Ella. The Malamutes are fabulous, loving the pool You’re obviously enjoying the trip of a lifetime, leisurely breathing the ocean air and basking in a little California dreamin’. I grew up mostly in Southern California until my parents dragged me, kicking and screaming at 17, to Omaha, Nebraska. I’ve never been the same since. Ah… those beaches and mountains.
      From Cheryl: I hope you and Glen are well and enjoying the summer! I didn’t know you grew up in Southern California. Where???? I grew up in North Hollywood, Toluca Lake area, near Burbank. How funny if we were in the same area at the same time. I’m so happy you thought all of my family lovely and that you enjoyed the jazz and Ella. We had such a grand time with those Malamutes! Why didn’t you ever move back with Glen to the area? Sometimes nostalgia is better than the real thing. Write when you can and tell me what city you were in before you left kicking and screaming at 17! Love and hugs, Cheryl

    4. I love this page! Thanks for coming by to visit! Looking forward to see more of your adventures! Love always, John and Sami

    5. Thanks Uncle Colin and Aunt Cheryl for visiting. What a perfect 2 weeks! From baby Scar to the wedding, to hanging out in La Jolla … Couldn’t have planned that any better! Safe travels! Love, Sami and John
      From Aunt Cheryl: It was a lovely time and we felt the same way seeing you both at the wedding for 2 days in a row, and then for the next weekend too. You couldn’t be any sweeter to each other and as people. We really, really love the way you are together.

    6. Sounds like a continual party in Southern California. Enjoy. K & J
      From Cheryl: Thank you sweet K & J, We are truly enjoying our west coast visit. Hope all is well with you. Love and hugs.

    7. Magnifique famille. Profitez bien.
      From Cheryl: My dearest Michele, Thank you for your lovely compliment. I am so happy that my family got together and had a fun time. Just like your beautiful family that I love. Love and kisses to you and Cheesecake.

    8. I’m finally caught up with your blog! All I can say is WOW. So great to have this wonderful time together alone in such beautiful places but also with family and friends along the way. Cheryl I was all smiles when I saw you with the Merlin and Maya. Will have to send you pictures from Yappy hour this Sept! Love to you both, Bill
      From Cheryl: So glad you have caught up with us, we are wow’d that you are still reading! Enjoying Colin’s pictures, yes, for sure. I look forward to Yappy Hour pictures, and so sorry I will miss it this year. Merlin and Maya certainly would have enjoyed it. They are the most quiet and laid back dogs I’ve ever seen. They are truly Gentle Giants. Love to you and the family, C&C

    9. Well, I guess Cheryl managed to get her dog fix even with all that going on. Nice one guys!
      From Cheryl: Yes, the Dog Fix itch got scratched. And boy am I the better for it. They were gentle giants, so laid back, so quiet. Glad you enjoyed the post and that you are with us on these travels. With hugs, Cheryl and Colin

    10. I bet Cheryl was in seventh heaven in the company of those two gorgeous Malamutes.
      From Cheryl: You bet!!!! I was in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th to infinity and beyond, heaven! They were so special to be around, such gentle giants. Love and hugs to you and Barbara!

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