Lake Superior North Shore, Tettegouche SP

We left Bayfield, Wisconsin with a strong recommendation from our friends to travel up the North Shore of Lake Superior, from Duluth towards Thunder Bay. It was a beautiful drive along the shore. We waited out a thunderstorm in Two Harbors, visited Split Rock Lighthouse,  and carried on up to Silver Bay where we were booked into Tettegouche State Park for a few nights. This is a beautiful park with many lakes and waterfalls and miles of hiking trails. It’s geared up for hikers, only one road which leads to the campground, everything else is to be explored on foot (or x-country skis / snowshoes during the winter). We arrived late afternoon and after dinner, I told Cheryl I was off to locate the trash containers by walking round the small campground loop. On the way I happened to see a trail sign: Two Step Falls: .1 mile, High Falls: .5 mile. Hard to resist even though it was getting late. It turned out the .1 mile was to the top of the falls and to see it required passage down a steep muddy trail followed by what seemed like hundreds of steps to the bottom. I made it down after a few slides and took a couple of pictures of the twin falls in full flood. A slower hike to the top and, out of breath, on to High Falls. Again the mileage didn’t do the hike justice, no mention of the vertical nature of the hike. High Falls, at 120 feet, is the highest waterfall in Minnesota and the trail arrives at the top with a bouncy bridge over the falls. Crossing the bridge gave a clear view of the volume of water, and on the other side, the trail approaches the top before dropping down to the base. By this time it was getting quite dark, starting to rain. I had no water, no protective gear, no phone, slippery ‘Crocs’ for footwear, and no ID on me. I decided to return over the bridge and took a little more care than usual on the way back with my mind reading the newspaper report . . .  “the victim had no ID” . . .  “said he was going out to find the trash bin” . . .  When I returned back at the campsite, our van was dark, and Cheryl was sleeping the sleep of innocence. Two days later, early in the morning, I returned, better prepared after my previous experience, hiked to the bottom of High Falls, and took pictures of both falls (see below).

We noticed on the trail map, a lake named ‘Mic Mac’ Lake. Given the name of our boat,  transferred to our van, this was a must-see. The lake was by a hike-in camp and cabin area. This time a nice, wide, though steep trail (described as ‘difficult, rugged’ by the Ranger noticing my advanced years) crossed a hill from the NW entrance of the park to the area. After the obligatory ‘selfie’ by the lake, I checked out the Lodge (open to all hikers) and cabins. Apparently this area is heavily booked throughout the year by hikers and skiers. There was a family occupying one of the cabins who told me the hike in wasn’t so easy when carrying supplies for a week.

On our way back South, we drove up to the overlook at Silver Bay for a view of the lake and of the huge iron ore smelting plant,. This plant, “Cliff Northshore Mining” exports the majority of iron for the US steelmaking Industry using iron ore brought by rail from the Mesabi Iron Range, 47 miles South.

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    North Shore Lake Superior, Tettegouche State Park

  • 5 Comments on “Lake Superior North Shore, Tettegouche SP

    1. Careful there, Colin! Preparedness is the key. Never leave home without plenty of daylight, your phone, and in your case rain gear. Oh yeah, and drinking water! For someone that does not hike, I know plenty about the sport. LOL. My brother is nearing the halfway point of his Continental Divide Trail hike. He should be entering Wyoming tomorrow. I am so excited for him, with New Mexico and Colorado behind him, he sounded great.
      From Cheryl: Right! Today he’s hiking with water, map, phone, ID, and has a sun protection hat on! And I didn’t have to bager him to do it. Colin loves his lighthouses too. He appreciates your appreciation. Thanks for your update about Chuck. I know you worry about him. Glad all is okay!

    2. Très amusant:un lac qui a pris le nom de votre bateau!(et non l’inverse). Cheryl quelle imprudence:se promener seule dans la forêt la nuit. Bisous. [Very funny : a lake that has taken the name of your boat (and not vice versa!). Cheryl what imprudence to walk alone in the forest at night.]
      From Cheryl: Funny that the name MicMac is an Indian tribe. Pas moi Cheryl. C’est Colin who went without water, etc. you know I’m more sensible than that!!!!
      From Michèle: Sorry my comprehension de l anglais n’est pas géniale. Je me suis trompée. Ouf tu es prudente. Big bisous à vous two. Do you remember quand on speaker franglish or engfrench? It’s fabuleux de se parler like that alors we are so loin.
      From Cheryl: Sorry my comprehension de l anglais n’est pas géniale. Je me suis trompée. Ouf tu es prudente. Big bisous à vous two. Do you remember quand on speaker franglish or ingfrench? It’s fabuleux de se parler like that alors we are so loin. Je parle comme a petite fille a deux ans. Ou peut’etre meme deux ans avec l’aide de la translation software. J’ai obliou tout mon vocabulary. J’ai stupide. Mais you try alors pour ca je t’aime. Je ne dormais pas se soire, j’ai pense tout beaucoup. Mais je should try et domais un peu plus. Bonne huit ma sweet Michèle.

    3. OOhh, Colin. Glad you made it back safely after your “trash bin” adventure. No more hiking on slippery terrain in your crocs and no cell phone, OK!? You never did say if you found the bins! That said, those pictures of the falls were terrific. I particularly loved the blurred motion ones. What an interesting and beautiful state park!

      • Thanks for the comments, Margie. Never did find the trash bins. Next time I’ll switch to sandals, better grip. Glad you liked the waterfall blurred motion ones, makes it worthwhile lugging the tripod up and down the thousands of steps.

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