Ojibway First Nation Tent and Trailer Park

Sault Sainte Marie

On our way back to the USA to travel along Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it was time for a laundry and haircut stop. We selected a two night camping spot East of SSM, Ontario (see name above), not sure what we would find. It turned out to be a perfect spot on the shore of Lake Huron, very popular area with SSM natives. The campground we selected (no electric/water, etc.) was deserted and beautiful. Our only negative was finding out (down the road) after filling up with water, they hadn’t flushed their water system after chlorinating it for the season. Fortunately we discovered this before washing our hair or we would be showing up as blondes. Most interesting stop in SSM (apart from the laundry) was Dock City Dairies Ice Cream Store.

P5251050-croppedThe beach had a flock of seagulls and Colin noticed a pair of what turned out to be terns having an amorous moment among the gulls. See slideshow below. One good tern deserves another.

  • Sault Sainte Marie

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    Ojibway Tent and Trailer Park, near Sault Sainte Marie

  • 2 Comments on “Ojibway First Nation Tent and Trailer Park

    1. Beautiful camp-site, udder-ly divine cows, and … well, Colin … “whatever terns you on.”
      From Cheryl: Your answer to Colin is sooooo funny, just perfect!!!!! Ha! Cheryl

    2. I am part Ojibway and when we spent the summer of 2001 camping in our van across the northern US and Canada, we visited the Ojibway Reservation on Manitoulin. It’s on the way from the Bruce Peninsula (south side of Lake Huron, Ontario) to the north side of Lake Huron. Beautiful part of the world, for sure.
      From Cheryl: Dear Nancy, We didn’t know we knew an Ojibway! Your area is gorgeous. I’m glad it brought back good memories for you. So when are you getting on the road?

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