Niagara Falls and Gorge

Niagara Falls

Happily, we visited both the US and the Canadian sides of Niagara Falls, and neither were so busy as to be oppressive. The Canadian side is by far, the more gorgeous side of Niagara for several reasons. The views are spectacular, and the public parks continue along the water’s edge for miles and miles of beautiful walking, picnic, and bicycle paths. Such a better balance between commercialism and public benefit. We had fun hearing the roar of the immense amount of water coming down into the falls, but we wanted to get up high to see it in perspective. We had the choice of the  800 ft high Skylon Tower or the SkyWheel. We chose the Tower because it was closer to Horseshoe Falls and was a lot higher. Although the wind was ‘bloody cold’ and knocking us about, we managed to get some views that would not have been available any other way (a drone or helicopter was not part of our plan). Because this is one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, it is one of the most photographed locations. By the way the water is really green because of dissolved salts from Lake Erie. Colin found orientation difficult until he remembered (again?) that water flows North in this area from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

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Niagara River Gorge

After the water leaves the Falls, it tumbles down into the Niagara River Gorge. It’s like a baby Grand Canyon, where the walls tell the story of time while the amazing green water rushes past us. The rocks represent 410 million years of history exposed by the obvious power of the water. This part of the river is classified as the most difficult level of rapids to navigate (Class 6), and very few have completed it. Many sightseers and adventurers have lost their lives in accidents in this area. The river travels at 40 mph with waves typically 10 to 16 feet high.

Side Story: While taking photos and videos, a group of 40 young ladies surrounded us. They were from a Brooklyn Yeshiva, were part of a chorus, and the trip that included the Gorge was their Senior Year Event (bus trip). While heading back to street level, the ladies started singing four part harmonies, in hebrew. Cheryl started a conversation with them, we took videos, and exchanged emails. Unfortunately, none of the photos or videos turned out. Cheryl was particularly heartbroken that she couldn’t have shared the experience with the blog or the young ladies. We have to experience things in the here and now, and appreciate the special moments that happen serendipitously.

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Niagara Falls Video (Colin)

Niagara Falls Video (Cheryl)
Niagara River Gorge (Colin)
  • Niagara Falls, Canada

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    Niagara Falls

  • 5 Comments on “Niagara Falls and Gorge

    1. More cool pics from the McNaughts. I actually saw Colin in a picture or two! I’ve heard that the Canadian side is the side to see and stay on. Enjoy, enjoy!
      From Cheryl: Thanks so much for your comments. Love that you actually saw Colin! I try and get him on film, not as cooperative as the trees in holding still. Sending love. Cheryl

    2. Fabuleux! Et je vois que vous deux ne changez pas! Toujours beaux et souriants! Bisons.
      From Cheryl: Dearest Michele, How could you say we haven’t changed? Old, old, old, and not getting any thinner . . . Love to you and cheesecake. C&C

    3. Niagara Falls has always been on my bucket list. Now your pictures and your blog have really inspired me to go sooner rather than later! I love that you have added video to your repertoire. It does sort of feel as if we are traveling with you, but without the misty spray (although we’ve got plenty of rain in our faces here back Saefern! … not quite the same).
      From Cheryl: Love that you commented on our Niagara pictures. It seems everyone has been on that tour, so glad to have found you out. Also hope you get there before too long, they might shut off the water, and then it’ll be a nice hill to photograph. (ha! not really, I just made that up). So glad you are making the journey with us, it wouldn’t have been the same without you! Good that you were able to feel the misty spray on your face, even if it was Annapolis rain. Remember, anytime you want to come join us, Steve and I can talk amongst ourselves while you and Colin photograph every inch of your desired location. Lots of love, Cheryl

    4. Ha! Very cool pictures. What is the month you have traveled to Niagara Falls? Was it in April?
      From Cheryl: Yes, April. Thanks for the ‘cool’ comment!

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