Low Country Touring in GA and SC

Tybee Island

Tybee Island, Savannah’s ‘Beach Town’ is the site from which Fort Pulaski was bombarded and defeated by Union soldiers in April 1862 whose superior ‘rifled’ guns were too much for the Fort Pulaski walls. We toured the lighthouse but the beach was under reconstruction.

Fort Pulaski

After taking over the fort, Major General Hunter issued the first Union order freeing slaves. This was later reversed by Lincoln, only to be affirmed again by Lincoln’s Emancipation Order of Jan. 1, 1863.


Beaufort, SC (pronounce ‘b-you-fort’) is a very pleasant town on South Carolina Coast and, like many others in the area, has a varied and interesting history. We arrived muddy from all the rain, but blue skies finally came. Spring green pollen is everywhere, noses twitching. So walking around the river front in Beaufort is fun, had lunch under umbrellas and visited historical areas. Later in the day we drove to Hunting Island and found some interesting shrimp boats.

Parris Island

Parris Island was first colonized by the French in 1562. This was the first semi-permanent European settlement in what are considered now the United States. Four years later, Spain founded Santa Elena after troops sent by the Spanish monarch slaughtered French colonists. It was first occupied by the US Marines in 1861 and has been the site of Marine Corps recruit training since 1915. We visited the museum there is which is very extensive, documenting the evolution of training and the service of US Marines around the world. Cheryl, being an avid NCIS fan, couldn’t resist the photo by their local office.

  • Beaufort, SC

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    Downtown Beaufort, South Carolina

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    1. 82 here today, with low humidity – what are you waiting for? Full disclosure – it will be much colder and very windy Sunday to Monday Sorry we won’t be here to welcome you back!
      From Cheryl: Yep, spring and the last of winter are rotating for all states on the east coast. We have warm days and cool days. Heading toward home, we’re coming up against the 50’s and 60’s. Burr. But lovely, we love seeing the flowers. Have a great time in England for Miggie’s 80th Birthday! Love to all the Lanes.

    2. I hope there won’t be a quiz on history when you get home! You made it to b-you-fort – it does have a nice/cute downtown and harbor. Was that the house from The Big Chill? And the islands around it are pretty. We missed the Parris Island museum. We visited there on January 1st, and not much going on! You really are seeing everything – good for you!
      From Cheryl: Thanks Wendy, what an adventure through history and especially the military during the start of our country. Yep, Beaufort does have a fun cute factor, lovely to walk around the waterfront.d the waterfront.

    3. P.S. I can see why they call it the low country, judging by the picture of your campgrounds after the rain.
      From Cheryl: Yep, a soggy mess of mud.

    4. Love all those photos from Low Country and Charleston and the history lessons that go along with them. So interesting about the order to abolish slavery being reversed by Lincoln and then re-instated as the Emancipation Proclamation. I would list my favorite photos, but that would be hard to do. Too many!

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