Finding Sandhill Cranes

Cranes by Kace MontgomeryOn our way South through Florida we happened on a beautiful Art Museum by the lake at Eustis with a mural of Sandhill Cranes by Kace Montgomery. We loved their elegance, their red caps and hoped we would see some live versions on our trip. While in Clearwater Lake in the Ocala National Forest, we heard a very strange call, but found it difficult to identify the bird. After much web searching, we found the sound to belong to a Sandhill Crane, however, still no sign of the bird itself.

Walking around Mount Dora, we drifted into an artists store and met and loved talking to Bev Neal. Her main focus has become limited edition custom artwork for bicycle jerseys but we commented on a picture of a Sandhill Crane. She told us that there were several cranes in her community and shared with us how to find them. Although Colin was reluctant to take the long drive, Cheryl persevered and we drove to Leesburg, FL. where we found the community which had many lakes and wetland areas. After several hours with no sign of the birds, the light was beginning to fade so we were almost ready to give up. Luckily on the way out towards the gates, we spotted a crane in between the van and one of the lakes. It turned out to be a pair and they gave us a wonderful display rewarding our patience.

  • Crane Location

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    Crane Lcation, Leesburg, FL

  • 5 Comments on “Finding Sandhill Cranes

    1. If you pick up the most recent edition of National Geographic it’s cover is about a photographer whose life’s ambition is to photograph every animal and bird. Your photos are every bit as beautiful and amazing as his. Best, Dennis.
      From Cheryl: Wow, that is so sweet and such an amazing comment Dennis, we are overwhelmed by your compliment. We are so glad to take you along on this journey! To think you have been a part of the Taubers for over 50 years, and the friendship is stronger than ever. Thanks again for your sweet words and encouragement to keep on going!

    2. Loved the Sandhill Cranes. We saw them in Nebraska many moons ago during March when the flocks of thousands were migrating and stopped at the Platte River. They are majestic birds!
      From Cheryl: Thanks so much for the suggestion to visit Nebraska, we’ve put that on our ‘travel to-do list’ for sure. I love that you saw the flocks of thousands while we were over the moon with seeing two, I think we’d lose our minds over thousands, but worth the risk! We just loved these birds.

    3. En français, ce sont les grues. Le même mot pour l’engin de chantier qui permet de soulever et de déplacer de lourdes charges. Je constate qu’en anglais c’est aussi le même mot. Je comprends que les sandhills cranes soulèvent l’enthousiasme.
      From Cheryl: Exactly the same in English too, crane for the mechanical and crane for the bird! We’re so happy you love the pictures, they were a great inspiration to us. Such love!

    4. Your patience was indeed rewarded. It must have been such a thrill to finally see these beautiful birds doing their mating dance. Spectacular! You got some amazing images. WOW!!
      From Cheryl: Thanks so much for your continued support and comments, Marge. We love the effort and the results too!

    5. Wow – great pictures – great birds – the adventure continues.
      From Cheryl: Thanks John, so glad you are enjoying the photography, Colin is having a great time with his hobby!

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