Woodpecker Stalking

I’ve been trying to get a decent Pileated Woodpecker photo for over 10 years. One visits us regularly at home, poses while I get my camera, then flies off singing the haha ha Ha ha woody woodpecker song just when I’m ready to shoot. Very frustrating.

I’ve been stalking one at the campground in Long Pine Key, Everglades NP for a couple of days. He’s pretty nervous, has a sense of when the camera is ready and takes off to a distant tree. However, early on our last morning, I heard his knocking close to our campsite coming from close to the ground. I was finally able to creep up on him and snapped him through the ‘jungle’ foliage. I like the framing effect caused by pushing my lens through the undergrowth. Has that ‘stalking’ look. However, as he moved up the dead tree, I was able to get a few more shots before he saw me and flew off.

Red-bellied woodpeckerAddendum: a week later I found a Red-bellied woodpecker at Clearwater Lake, Ocala National Forest, also willing to be photographed so I added three more images below.

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  • Long Pine Key, Everglades, Florida

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    Long Pine Key Campground, Everglades National Park

  • 4 Comments on “Woodpecker Stalking

    1. Beautiful photos. Actually all of them. I really like the photo of the woodpecker through the foliage. Enjoy you wonderful trip.
      From Cheryl: Thanks sweet Dennis, appreciate your appreciation!

    2. Superbes photos de Woodywoodpecker! Est-ce qu’il chantait comme dans le dessin animé?

    3. Colin: You and your camera do terrific work!
      From Cheryl: I think so too, Frank!

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