Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Blue HeronCamped for a few days in our van at Taylor’s Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore SW of Cambridge, MD. Our campsite faced Calvert Cliffs across the Bay and the campground is best described as ‘fun and funky’. A lot of permanent trailers for weekend boaters clustered round a small marina. We were quite concerned driving in at night with all the standing water either side (and sometimes over) the road which made us think we were in Holland. Next morning I was befriended by a Blue Heron that must have thought I was a source of fish, let me get within a couple of feet of him.

Blue HeronOur main destination was Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge run by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to provide food and shelter for the Atlantic Flyway. We spent over two days observing the birdlife there, mainly at sunrise and sunset and enjoying the peaceful nature of the area. We loved watching the Herons’ stealth fishing technique and listening to the geese arriving and taking off. Misty MorningWe saw swans, bald eagles, several varieties of geese as well as several herons that were the most photographically cooperative. Saturday was a beautifully still morning after some strong winds on Friday that rocked our Land Yacht and made us think of our time at anchor in our previous travels. This made for some wonderful reflections in the water.

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