Blue Ridge – Orange Leaves

I mentioned to Cheryl that I wasn’t keen on returning home until the leaves had started turning and we could drive home through some Fall scenery. Blue Ridge ParkwayAThanks to a week’s delay and some colder weather over the last few days, I was granted my wish. We are driving North on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the colors are just beautiful, particularly at the higher elevations. The Blue Ridge Parkway is truly an amazing road and I had never traveled through the mountainous stretch near Asheville. Wonderful scenery. We’re camping at the Rocky Knob NP campground tonight and plan to descend from the ridge and return home early tomorrow morning.

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4 Comments on “Blue Ridge – Orange Leaves

  1. So great that you are sharing your adventures. The photos are unbelievably beautiful. Love, Dennis
    From Cheryl: Dear Dennis, So glad you like the blog, thank you for your sweet comments. It’s so neat that we can share our adventures with our loved ones, so thank you again. Love, Cheryl

  2. I think you have discovered your new occupation: travel guide authors. The incredible photos, the accompanying text, and the location choice(s) all combine into a wonderful journey for the rest of us! You have such a great sense of what to post. It’s not too much, not too little, just perfect. In fact, it leaves me wanting more. Continue to have a great time and we’ll look forward to seeing you when you get home. Love, Bill
    From Cheryl: Dear Bill, What a pleasure it was to hear how much you enjoyed our words and pictures! We love that you are right there with us! Thanks for your comments, they are precious to us.

  3. Thanks so much, beautiful in so many respects. The history of the Blue Ridge Parkway, built during the Great Depression, is actually very important, in terms of not forgetting. Carl and Liz
    From Cheryl: We agree. The public projects helped create jobs and also built lasting features that we enjoy today.

  4. Just stunning photos! We have some trees as beautiful on our grounds here in H.H. I really appreciate travelling with you folks. You see and do so many interesting things. My travelling days are pretty well behind me due to some health issues so this is a real treasure for me. Can’t wait for you to do your trip out west. There is a fantastic camp ground at Bozeman, MT. It overlooks the city and at night with all the lights it is an awesome site. We stayed there for about a week. It was so beautiful and clean. We may have loved it so much too because it happens to be Bob’s home town and where he went to college. If you go there, visit the Pioneer Museum. In a showcase, you will see the knife Bob used for hunting growing up. Also, he left a copy of his book Bob wrote for chidren and grand children there called, One of Many Coffeys. When are we leaving again? I need to get ready to watch for your tid bits!! Thanks Cheryl and Colin, Amiee
    From Cheryl: Dear Amiee, So glad you are traveling with us. Next year, when we go out west, we’ll be sure to look up the museum in Bozeman, sounds wonderful to see the views too. We love that you are with us in spirit and that you are enjoying the blog. With love from us both.

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