OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dry Falls NCI’ve always had a fascination with waterfalls. Long hikes at school camps were always that much better if lunch was taken by the side of a mountain stream or waterfall. The recent storm that passed by the East Coast plus the day of rain over the weekend have replenished water supplies to the many waterfalls in North Carolina that attract visitors. So we have included several waterfalls in our trip and of course my newly activated photography hobby demands that they be photographed.

There’s a difference of opinion in our family as to the best way to photograph moving water. Cheryl likes the ‘frozen in time’ shots that capture the drips and drops as they descend. I’m favoring the wispy smooth flow images that grace the pages of many travel and photo magazines. These require some extra equipment, a filter to reduce the light so a long time exposure can be taken and a cable release and tripod so the camera is still during the long exposure. At the moment I’m doing both types of shots so we can discuss and enlist other opinions. What do you think?

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3 Comments on “Waterfalls

  1. Love the colors! Colin, I like the waterfalls with both photographic methods. One looks like soft cotton flowing downward and is rather magical. But, I love the realism too. Keep going. Miss you. Marietta
    From Cheryl: Dear Marietta, So glad you liked the photos and colors. Colin is becoming quite the photographer, enjoying the process of re-learning skills he first did in his teens. We plan on many more adventures. We hope all is well with you.

  2. Hello Colin and Cheryl: Your trip and blog are being enjoyed here in the family. To respond to your waterfall question, let me say that there are many ways of seeing, with our eyes, with fast and slow photography, with uv light, with IR, with satellite night vision, with radio telescopes. Thus, there is no better way, they are all remarkable ways of investigating the world around us. Yes, evolution is a wonder. Carl and Liz
    From Cheryl: Thanks Carl and Liz for your great feedback and comments. We are so glad you are enjoying reading the blog. Love to you both.

  3. Like both, but drips and drops are my favorite!
    From Cheryl: Well, you are right there with Cheryl on liking the drips and drops. But there are a few that like the wispiness of the smooth ones too.

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