Nashville, TN


We are really enjoying the Nashville scene.The most amazing and different thing we saw was a tavern running on bicycle power! The picture on the right has a driver and a barkeep, otherwise, the 8 guys are peddling to make the car go. We saw them turn a corner, and they all had to stand up and peddle like mad. They were hooping and hollering and burning calories while they were drinking!  Some of the pictures below are from !the Hall of Fame museum and it was a wonderful experience. It’s amazing to hear and see some of the oldies from the 30s and 40s. We also went to Nashville’s Honkey Tonk section – bar hopped all night, listening to all the bands. We must have been in 16 different places. We were thrilled with the quality of the musicians and the breath of their repertoires. There was one band in particular that would only take requests for $20 bills! Requests kept coming in for the Devil Went Down to Georgia, which the band said was their most requested song, and they were tired of playing it because it was so intense. They’d only play it for $100. So the crowd acquiesced and put in the cash. We thought, “Wow, ‘Will sing for cash,'” is a hard way to make a living. We loved the fact that there were no cover charges at any of these bars. But of course we did drink a bit! (OK, more than a bit.) We had taken a shuttle from our RV site to downtown, so I didn’t have to be designated driver! (Cheryl)

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