Cades Cove, TN

Cades CoveIn the NW corner of the Smoky Mountains National Park there is a beautiful valley known as Cades Cove that was settled early on in the history of the USA. A lot of the original homesites have been preserved by the National Park Service. We took a beautiful 2 hour tour by car; visited, for example the original homestead of Elijah Oliver. Great pictures by Colin, sepia (the photo above) makes it look authentic, don’t you think? Pictured below in the slideshow is also a wedding party. We didn’t know them but we thought it was fun to include a Tennessee style wedding!

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One Comment on “Cades Cove, TN

  1. Found campsite photos. Picture of wedding in field is great! Amiee
    From Cheryl: So glad you liked the wedding, we thought it was a hoot too!

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