Persimmon campground nr Murphy NC


An Ancient User of Bagpipe Bellows

Every few days, we have the task of finding a new ‘parking spot’. So far we’ve stayed in a variety of different types of campsites. Sometimes they are exquisite. Sometimes, we feel like sardines. We are fortunate that we can survive without electricity / water / sewer hookups for several days so this gives us access to more remote and peaceful sites. It’s only when we are near cities that we have IMG_0636to settle for the KOA lifestyle where neighbors are a foot or two away. Otherwise, we’ve had some beautiful settings and end up paying a good deal less for the more beautiful locations. One evening Colin created a great fire for us, we had dinner on a camp grill, veggie hot dogs and beans, followed by S’Mores. Colin was determined to have a fire and I couldn’t have a fire without marshmallows. The cost for not planning ahead? $21.58 for the most expensive S’Mores ever. But we enjoyed it greatly!

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