About Dogs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost of you know how zealous I am about animals of all kinds. But my love of dogs goes so deep, I cannot pass one up and not say hello. Whether it’s on a street, a park, a trail, or in the neighborhood, I just have to stop. I often have doggie treats with me and always ask permission of the human if it’s okay to give the treat. I’ve never had one rejected. boxerNow that we’re traveling, I’m meeting a lot more dogs. It’s a great way to meet people too. The dogs are part of my heart but getting to know their humans is more than a wonderful bonus.

Maybe it’s the fur. Colin often says that he would get more attention from me if he had fur! “Just equal treatment would be good.” Taking a RestAnyway, I started taking pictures of all dogs that I said hello to on this trip to the Smokies, but finally gave up. I decided that a ton of dog pictures was not how I wanted to remember our travels to the mountains. But stopping to say hello, continues.

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