Taking Small Roads

This gentleman clogger had a wife with a matching outfit!We’ve taken to traveling off the beaten path more and more and are always having our GPS give us alternate (slower but more interesting) routes. Here are a few places we stumbled on when traveling South.

09-16 Lexington, VA
The picture of the Constitution sign is for Ebby Malmgren. We have had many discussions about art, politics and our worlds.

09-18 Jonesborough, TN
Into another interesting town and we found all the streets were blocked off. This happens every Friday night in this town during the Summer for an outdoor concert. The folks gather at around 6pm and listen to local talent. Most of the population was older than us.

09-19 Greeneville, TN
We hadn’t planned it. We were driving past a little town and decided to walk around a bit when we spotted a British Vintage Sports Car Show. Colin would have died for one of these Jaguar E-Types when he was at college in the 60s.

09-25 Smoky Mountain National Park, Townsend, TN
We were looking for local music and found this fair in Townsend offering up a bluegrass band and clogging dancers. Some of the music was pretty horrible, but some excellent! It reminded us of the joke of the very bad violin player who said one of the reasons he started a band was because then he didn’t have to audition. Everyone in the band was so much better than the violin player that it had to be true. Lots of cloggers too of all ages. What a hoot!

10-14 Bluegrass Music Center of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Floyd
We were looking for local bluegrass music when we came read about the Bluegrass Center. We had 2 days of music, got our fill of local color and went to Floyd for a little diversion. Funny town and lots of music! (But you have to be there on the right day of the week, or nothing is going on!)

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